"We have nothing to hide". Stanza 2010

A performative artwork using surveillance systems. The camera system follows the artist around the building in the depths of the night and the result is projected outside in the city.


Images of Stanza projected on the outside urban space from the CCTV system (c) Stanza 2010


"We have nothing to hide" is an artwork about the surveillance of public domain space utilizing the CCTV systems in place and manipulating the live feeds. This artwork uses the surveillance system of the building to create a new relationship with public, the space and the architecture of the building.


This artworks questions who owns the data and who is watching us in these spaces. Most buildings have CCTV and surveilance systems which are used it to monitor the people inside the space, ie the public. By using the real time analogue and digital CCTV feeds my aim is to reclaim the data space from private to public domain. All the resulting surveillance images are projected over the the city creating new narratives from what is happening inside. The city becomes a huge display system. By doing this one also makes the building transparent and opens up the architecture and the networked space.


Available for buildings and architects who might want to experience their space as an artwork by giving access to the CCTV system; please get in touch. Email

stanza on CCTV  Stanza portrait. The CCTV revolution in the UK bagan in Liverpool. Stanza artwork

Stanza surveillance and privacy

Images of Stanza inside the CCTV system (c) Stanza 2010

Stanza Portrait. "We have Nothing To Loose" ....80 cm by 70 cm. C print 2010.

Stanza Portrait. "We have Nothing To Loose" . 80 cm by 70 cm. C print 2010. Signed Stanza

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© Stanza 2010