Enter The Artwork

Interactive audio visual digital paintings and drawings for the internet. Coded generative paintings by Stanza.

A whole site of generative works from 1997 onwards featuring dozens of interactive online paintings.

They are audio visual paintings, and can be installed into 'real' environments, were the movement of people in the room or gallery triggers the interactivity within the work. Interactive art on the interent. 3d and generative sounds. They moves away from ‘linear’ pieces into a more non linear and interactive experience, giving the audience some control over the artwork.

Amorphoscapes allows you to experience different artworks depending on how you choose to navigate. As well as this non linearity, some of the pieces change over time. Users can control the sounds and pictures and change their amorphoscapes over time or just watch. All work is online but they are available as installations and for plasma screens.


sublime landscapes.......2002 . Generative landscapes constantly moving and different everytime you visit. ( will have its own website soon with touch screens version available).

expressionicity.......2002.Generative evolving environment that will keep loading and kep playing inspired by abstract expressionist painting.

automaton......2002. Series of moving generating sculptures that evolve.

cancer......2001. This small cancer - based generative cell grew out of discussions with researchers the chairman of Inbiomed, a Cancer Research Company in Spain. The piece replicates cells online, spewing out small images and regurgitating generative sounds. Cells generate and move in parallel then birth new cells and kill off old ones. This piece "cancer" is a generative piece, it just does its own thing. You can choose from a variety of cell - type.

numbers.......2001. Numbers system painting series ,all based on sequence 3, 6 and 9 and evolving into a random numbers pattern generator that is position controlled and moves when you move. A labyrinth of lines, tones and numbers. Treat the surface of the screen like a canvas for drawing on.

cellular....”cultura”.....2001. A series of painterly micro cells are manipulated and breed and replicate on top of one another as you move around. Based on the idea of cells as cultures this online installation allows you to play around with different cells colours and evolutions. While you do this sounds generate in real time and reprocess themselves. Cultura is a spatial compositional environment with sounds that evolve that are positioned in the space of the visual composition. You can explore the audio visual fusion by moving around the environment.

genomix........2001...genome baby maker - an interactive online installation. It allows you to cross reference all the patterns on the genome sequence and intermix or breed your own variable, allowing you to look at the new mix of chromosomes in real time; on line. NEXT versions will allow you to keep and print this pattern and to have bedspreads and curtains made in your very own post genetic mix.....mutant.....

generator.......1999 - 2000. An environment with sounds that can be selected that allow images to be altered. Cellular automata. The cells generate and move when the user makes them. A choice of sounds on the right allows the independent selection of sound to image. This piece was shown on ITV in the web review and featured on sonic arts network for the gallery channel. Also shown on the designers network.

matrixcity.........2000. Two versions. A sort of beautiful industrial drawing environment. Grey landscape mappings of wires that move around. An abstracted space with clunks and squeaky sounds. Controllable by dragging and moving through the space.

landscapes...2000. There are 12 pieces in the series with multiple sounds, all mouse controlled. An ‘ invisible’ menu appears on the left of your screen for navigation, move the mouse under this.

univercity...... "my universe is expanding". 2000. With generative sound mixer built into the piece, click on the small squares to change the sounds. Just sit back and watch as the universe get getting bigger. The sounds evolve over time and change pitch.

hybrid.... 2000. Digital painting and drawing installation. It moves when you move. If you go left, they go left. Completely immersive colour environment online. Change the colours and watch them ‘bleed’ into one another.

traces......2000. digital painting and drawing installation. You can change the marks and make your own textures. This makes very subtle black and white images based on your movements which build up on the screen. This is a sort of ‘drawing machine’, online, spewing out fine dots and lines to make digital drawings. There is a generative sound processor built into the system.

biomorphs.... 1997 - 2000. mutating cells that self generate, with generative sound control. The cells move about replicating, while the soundscape at the top generates itself. Based on drawings of cells and cellular activity these works play with the idea of the cell being a highly adaptable structure whose movements create interesting visual patterns.

soundscraper ...... 1999 -2000. series of six multi sound environments. Lots of built in sounds and layers.

painter.........2000 -2001. Formal coloured painting environments that move when you move. The colours are all blended together to create an online painterly colour wall that changes (or can be changed by the user) over time. The colours fuse depending on your position on the screen. The idea was to brighten the internet up.

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