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Workshop in field recording. The soundcities found sound project

January 22nd, 2012

The group creates soundmaps in the city and record sounds using portable devices. The workshop investigates field recording, collecting sounds, editing sounds, and finally they put them in the database and on soundmaps on the site. The aim is to learn about field recording and using sound for creative uses, ie concerts, installations and enhanced experience of our surroundings.

Stanza Soundcities Installation with 200 speakers















This project allows the audience the possibility to remix the hundreds of samples recorded from cities around the world in an online database. The sounds can be listened to, used in performances on laptops, or played on mobiles via wireless networks. The Database is also open so anyone can upload sounds they collect from world cities, thereby making a contribution to the project and making an online sounds archive.

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Stanza Artwork.  2010

Stanza Artwork. 2010

Artists Talk By Stanza At QUAD Gallery Derby

January 22nd, 2012

Artists Talk Stanza:

Portrait Of Artist Stanza In LA
















Saturday 11th February 5.00 – 6.30pm in the Box

Stanza will be presenting the development of technology and its role within the arts over the last 15 years, introducing us to a number of his legendary and iconic artworks alongside the history and context of digital audio visual art.

Stanza generative artwork 2005

Stanza generative artwork 2005