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The Nemesis Machine to CUBO Italy

January 12th, 2019

I am about to transport The Nemesis Machine to CUBO Italy which opens on 31 st JAN. The show is curated by the awesome Marco Mancuso who for years has been supporting new media and technology arts from his base in Milan. The Nemesis Machine is one of those artworks where the only constant thing seems to be the title however I have used other titles so that is also a variable in this ever changing evolving art system.

The full title of the artwork is The Nemesis Machine – From Metropolis to Megalopolis to Ecumenopolis By Stanza. It’s interesting since this invitation to show the work at CUBO with Marco began in June 2018 I have been looking at urban design maps of the city of Bologna. Now maybe a new title could be:- “The Nemesis Machine, 180 Towers”. This title would reflect the medieval historic towers of Bologna and the fixed location of a city in a particular place: Italy. The Nemesis Machine fuses analogue and digital worlds by using real time feeds that connects to the physical city to create an avatar city while at the same time making it global through the flows of networked data across the internet: The city machine become alive and of itself. This parsing of real time data systems becomes a critique of liquid surveillance networks that a whole city can be seen all at once from a variety of perspective lenses becomes. The machine is both acting to liberate us through technology with overtures to open processes, while at the same time making us complicit in its restrictive system of control. Where better to explore this than in Italy and in Bologna. This custom version of the artwork installed for CUBO of this ever expanding variable artwork incorporates the plans of the old town and the hybrid new modernist structure that forms the building or estates that make up city urban areas. In thinking about any unique perspective, The Nemesis Machine acts as a frame and also incorporates an AI based camera based surveillance and facial tracking system with several hidden cameras inside the artwork and another local layer of sensors which includes systems for measuring by pollution gases no2, co2, o2, and alcohol. These technological systems support the custom made multi mesh network of environment sensors that send data in real time to the artwork. All this combines to  create all the agency and action in the artwork. In other words the lights, motors, and sounds only happens because of events occurring in the real space. In this sense the city and the artwork are one and the whole artwork functions as an algorithmically coded city observing its real world double: in this case  Bologna.

Youth Culture sculpture on tour

January 11th, 2019

Had a great time in Manchester at Lightwaves 2018 Media City Manchester UK.  I  showed this new artwork which is of a  towering beautiful hooded sculpture which visualises visitor data it receives on mini screens and light illumination built into the sculpture. The tall figure, who’s hoodie challenges our assumptions about social alienation – captivating its audience and challenging visitors perceptions around anti-social behaviour and our collective ability to create safe public spaces for all. This Hooded Youth is presented as a symbol of belonging, rather than something to be feared. Digitally interactive, the artwork embraces public participation and encourages engagement with its technological system, which feeds in intelligence so that Youth Culture becomes a symbolic memory bank of place and experience.

Whats Next.

January 11th, 2019

Last year I was looking forward to a first one man show in New York City before the gallery had a major fire. That would have been ok had the 50 boxes of work not already docked at USA port authorities. Tough being an artist when this sort of thing happens.  Maybe someone will show The Nemesis Machine in USA in the future or maybe I will get to work  with that curator I so  very much admire in another year. It wont be this year.

Whats next I am about to ship Nemesis Machine to CUBO Italy I would tell you more but that is all I know for know except it starts on 1 Feb.

I am also looking forward to working with David Drake and show at Diffusion in Wales. A new AI camera track system is now inside the machine as well as reconfigured sensors for city wide data gathering.

Stanza Artwork

2019 All work and much play and something else as well.

January 11th, 2019

Welcome 2019. ON a personal; level that was a tough year (just past), and I learn’t a lot through the adversity of it all.  This was only really possible because of the support of many friends who rallied to the call and really did help when needed and when asked; thank you. No pain no gain. Well the gains have been immense insightful and enlightening. Much love you to you all for 2019. Thanks also to the NHS and the support systems we have in place here in the UK. Accidents happen all the time but when they come to visit the impact becomes immense.