Motes technical .Temperature responses for mts 310 series on mica 2

June 3, 2008 by stanza Leave a reply »
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Stanza:Sensity ...real time city mash ups, merging my online XML feeds from each city and making online visualisations.

The temperature sensors in moteview on four of my motes show -273.15. The rest of the board ie light and sound is working. How do I get the temp working or reset it.

Did you “Reboot” into the new image (slot) that you OTAP’d?

This is required in order for the nodes to start executing new image.

You may choose any of the available slots where you want to store the

new image.

Please refer to the MoteConfig manual for details on OTAP.


The temperature sensors in moteview on four of my motes show -273.15. The rest of the board ie light and sound is working. How do I get the temp working or reset it.



It looks like you are able to query the nodes (i.e. they are running OTAPImage).

Which Motes are you trying to reprogram with the new code?

Which slot have you selected to OTAP?

Please check and make sure that you have at least 2.7V battery voltage on these nodes.



Unless you had previously enabled the nodes to be OTAP’d you won’t be able to OTAP with new application.

What I would suggest is to bring the nodes and attach them to the MIB board and then program them using MoteConfig’s Local program tab. You need to chek OTAP enable box if you wish to OTAP them in the future.



May be I wasn’t clear earlier. You can use both CA and CB boards in

the same network. The main difference is that they use different power

control lines for temperature sensor. To get accurate temperature readings, you should Program the Mote attached to the CA sensor board (without jumper wire) with  “XMTS300CA__.exe and program the Mote attached to the CB  sensor board (with jumper wire) with “XMTS300CB__.exe



It is quite likely that you have an MTS310CB board (look for a jumper

wire on the bottom-side of the sensor board).

The MTS310CA uses INT2 for temperature power control where as the CB

version uses PW0. It sounds like you are using CA code on CB hardware (or vice versa) and hence the Temp sensor never gets turned on and returns 0.

If you have CB board, then you need to use CB version of the app.



We want the batteries to last longer.

How do we do this?

How long should batteries last without a change….

If they are in low power mode how long will they last.

I know know this is difficult to answer) but how do I get them to last longer.

Also do you have solar panel one can plus in to the motes for power?



The high power (HP) version of the apps don’t duty cycle the radio and hence would deplete the battery in few days. The low power (LP) version of the apps draw an average of 330 uA current with MICA2 platform and when used with alkaline AA batteries can easily deliver over 6 months of battery life.

In order to make the batteries in the Kits last long time, you need to use them in XMesh-LP mode.

We do have solar panel implementation in our next generation eKo Pro series products that can deliver battery life of over 5 years.

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