Exhibition at TSSK Metamorf Trondeim Norway. The Emergent City By Stanza.

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TSSK Metamorf May 1 2014. The Emergent City By Stanza. Live data from across the city used to connect city spaces.

The Emergent City By Stanza

Photo of Installation By Stanza TSSK

Photo of Installation By Stanza TSSK




http://metamorf.no/?p=72 http://www.samtidskunst.no/

I make artworks that arise from my research into the themes of  ‘control space’ and ‘surveillance space’ and issues with privacy. What I’m doing, which is sort of new ground, is that I’m hacking access to a network and re-appropriating the data and information, and I’m re-contextualizing it to give it a wider meaning. I want to show that you can do something positive with this data. And as I say data is the medium of the age.

Where do you see net art is going from here? Increasing complex divergent and data driven experimentation might cause a reliance on other peoples systems of ownerships (i.e. apis, code bases, gateways) that will only have a certain longevity. As net art there are now several important levels of investigation and pathways. By researching current systems, software and artworks one can come to an understanding about the social and ethical implications of such technologies, both in artworks as well as public domain, and to speculate where these technologies could lead us in the future. The path I am taking is to connect virtual spaces online creating what I call “The Third Space”. Future cities/spaces will be merged into real time connected up data cities. A connection of networks of real time information flows. The results created lead to mashed up cities and real time performative city experiences.

TSSK Metamorf May 1 2014. Sonicity By Stanza



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