“Visitors to a Gallery”- Exhibition. Plymouth Arts Centre.

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Image: Stanza. Title "Visitors To A Gallery" - 2007

This artwork uses the live CCTV system inside an art gallery to create a responsive mediated architecture.  This project continues where Publicity version one (2004) left off, ie hacking or utitlizing existing real time CCTV networks.

This version is made inside the Plymouth arts centre where I was artist in residence for a month (feb 2008).

Custom made electronics and sonar sensors are placed to create an installation in the gallery space. Visitors to the main upper gallery control the CCTV feeds by their own movement in the space. The piece becomes a semi performative controlled system. The proximity to the main ultrasound sensors affects the aesthetic of the image.


Image: Stanza. Title "Visitors To A Gallery" - 2007


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