Exhibition Title: Online—The Emergent City By Stanza.

July 6, 2007 by stanza Leave a reply »
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stanza_artist__webstanza artwork called globals

stanza image : artwork called globals 

List of works about Cities. This is a list of links to my online artworks about cities. I am looking for a curator to make an exhibition of this as well as an exhibition space for an offline show.

Exhibition Title: Online

The EmergentCity by Stanza

Control Series, (Paintings ) http://www.stanza.co.uk/art/play.html

New Decayed series. (Paintings) http://www.stanza.co.uk/art/shop/indexdecay.html

Memory Mapping (Drawings). http://stanza.co.uk/memoryweb/index.html

Conundrum. (video) http://stanza.co.uk/conundrum/index.html

Artitexture. (video wall) http://stanza.co.uk/artitexture/artitexture_pages/index.htm

The Central City (website)http://www.thecentralcity.co.uk/

Inner City (Touch Screen) http://www.thecentralcity.co.uk/innercity/index.html

Biocity. (Touch Screen) http://stanza.co.uk/touch/index.html

Photocities (website) http://www.thecentralcity.co.uk/photocity/index.html

Diversity. (Projection) http://stanza.co.uk/diversity/index.htm

Brilliant City film (Plasma) http://stanza.co.uk/cinedata/index.html

*Authenticity (Projected )http://stanza.co.uk/authenticity/index.html

*Urban Rythms ( plasma) http://www.stanza.co.uk/spain_cctv/index.html

Codified (plasma triptych) http://www.stanza.co.uk/codefied/stanza_f9.htm

Megalopolis (plasma) http://stanza.co.uk/megalopolis_web/index.html

Globals. (Projected). http://stanza.co.uk/global/index.htm

Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. (screens )http://www.stanza.co.uk/chinashanghai/index.html

*Urban Generation , Installation http://stanza.co.uk/urban_tapestry/index.html

*You Are my Subjects http://stanza.co.uk/i_spy/index.htm

*Blue Skies (Small display)http://stanza.co.uk/blue_skies/index.html

*House (Projected) http://stanza.co.uk/house/index.html

*Sensity (Projected and installed) http://stanza.co.uk/sensity/index.html

*Soundcities. Online database…headphones booths to touch screen.

Soul. (large installation.http://www.stanza.co.uk/soul_globe/index.html

Work that need the involvement of space and community

Publicity( CCTV onto outside) http://stanza.co.uk/publicity/index.html

Public Domain ( Gving CCTV units away) http://stanza.co.uk/publicdomain/index.html

Soundcities. (Online database.) Workshop collecting sounds. The sounds of the city

Sensity (Installed version) http://stanza.co.uk/sensity/index.html

  • *Denotes live networked artwork therefore needs internet connection
  • Other works can be shown and exhibited locally
  • Also available are paintings, prints, drawing of maps, and slides (not online).

Also a selection of digital prints will be made up and shown.

What is needed for an offline gallery exhibition are computers, projectors , displays, works printed up framing and electronics. Plus exhibition infrastructure, transport and catalogue.

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