Net art and the audiovisual experience on touchscreens 2002

April 9, 2008 by stanza Leave a reply »
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genomixer in touchscreen by stanza 2002

genomixer in touchscreen by stanza 2002

Stanza touch screen works “A new aesthetic is emerging in which depth, narrative and meaning are being replaced with the pleasures of sensuous experience and spectacular effects.” (Lister et al. 2003)

Amorphoscapes “An audio visual synthesis, a new kind of painting.” (Stanza)

Essential to the aesthetics that Stanza is trying to achieve is the importance of the aural experience alongside the visual experience. The audio and visuals must work together as a unit; therefore neither one is compromised for the benefit of the other.



to be without definite shape or structure


a type of view or scene

Stanza’s definition:

“Audio visual relationships between art and science…maybe.”

Algorithm art

John Landsdown: “…devise an algorithm and see what sort of art it produces.” (Mealing 1997 p.15)

Cultural interface

“Cultural interfaces try to accommodate both the demand for consistency and the demand for originality.” (Manovich 2001, pp.90-91)

User is content

A.I. Richards stated that “…the meaning of a text resided not in its author’s intentions but in its reader’s legitimate…interpretations.”
(Levinson 1999, p.39)

McLuhan developed this theory further “…[from] the user interpreting the text to determining the text to being the text…The user is the content.” (Levinson 1999, p.39)

McLuhan describes this process of interaction as: “…the human being as an active master of media – not just sent through the media, but calling their shots, literally creating their content, and having unprecedented choice over what the content will be when it has already been created by someone else.” (Levinson 1999, pp.40-41)


Amorphoscapes: Net art and the audiovisual experience. Stanza Touchscreens in Performance 2005.

Amorphoscapes: Net art and the audiovisual experience. Stanza Touchscreens in Performance 2005.

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