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THE CENTRAL CITY  website consists of over a dozen projects which have been in development since version one went online in 1997.

UK artist Stanza wins VIDA 6.0, 2003


 The city allows you to experience different artwork depending on how you choose to navigate. There are also random ways to experience this. As well as this non linearity, some of the pieces change over time. Evolving pieces exist, that the “user” has to control to make them work, the user also can input changes of sound and picture.

This change in the relationship between the audience and the artist could be said to change our perception of the artwork. I am evolving a situation where the audience may not only participate but also by giving them some control, contribute to the form and content. The work is exploring this changing relationship between the audience and artist. The user makes the decision to change sounds and pictures, where to go, what to see, what to hear. This can be done by movements within the grid. This change in the relationship between the audience and the artist changes our relationship to the artwork. The user can choose what they experience, synthesising converging media, systems, and phenomena in the process

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