Networks In The Emergent City. Canvas Paintings By Stanza.


Twenty signed canvases all 100cm by 100cm are all available for exhibition. Made 2010

Exhibited at Watermans Art Centre London. 2012

Exhibited at TSSK Trondheim Norway. 2014

, Stanza

Photo from Watermans Art Centre London. 2012

Stanza and The City

"A visual labyrinth, a maze of circumstance. The city itself is always changing; it is always in flux. The idea is to go deeper into analogies for the organic identity of the city. The micro city becomes an organic networks of grids and diagrams.The form and content of this work is a visual world of the city and its structure. Networks of information technology are contrasted with organic networks and city networks. The city becomes an organic network of grids and diagrams. This organic interplay is contrasted with man made structures, as well as patterns and forms of urban design. Each aspect of city life seems to demonstrate specific characteristics, which can be developed into individual parts of the labyrinth, making up the images that will be used. A city experience consists of small unit blocks and cells which inter-relate and lock together to form the composite city identity. The city has moved from metropolis to megalopolis to the ecumenopolis. The city is everywhere, with lifeless design spreading upwards and forming a conundrum of physical objects in space." Stanza 1999

"In a situation where the virtual realm becomes more and more the place where we, in the so-called developed world at least, work and socialise, the material, lived environment of the city becomes a locus of greater authenticity, much as the rural landscape did during the period of industrialisation. Yet, much as representations of the countryside in the 19th century were often made with much more awareness of the social and ecological issues than we now imagine. Stanza’s work does not romanticise the city. He portrays it as a complex, informational space, networked by different complex systems, some visible and some invisible. Charlie Gere 2010


Stanza . 100cm by 100 cm drawing on canvas 2010,

Stanza . 100cm by 100 cm drawing on canvas 2010

Stevfe Tanza, Stanza

Stanza . 100cm by 100 cm drawing on canvas 2010


eve Tanza, Stanza

Photo from Watermans Art Centre London. 2012