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VJ and audio visual mixes using software and real time procesed images.

These performative 'events' use software I have devised to manipulate images onto multiple projectors thus creating a unique audio visual space. Often this data is mixed from live web feeds creating a live connected real time experience mutated via custom software. The most recent performances use three to six data projectors and sometimes four custom built 20 inch touch screens. The sounds can come from the 'soundcities' database; an online resource which has over a thousand of my city sound samples or my music cd releases.

stanza Performances.

Stanza Performances include:

The Arts Depot in North London,

DorkBot in Ghent Belguim,

The Samsung Media Centre Korea,

The DANA Centre London for Cybersonica, Delux in London,

open-digi Brixton,

Test Portal Holland,

Digifest inToronto, BDS in Shanghai China,

The Museo Tamayo in Mexico City.

Colchester Arts Centre

stanza music . Performances.


I would bring one laptop. I would need two borrow more pc laptops and mice. Three projector are needed or more. One mackie small mixing desk. All this connected to a sound system /pa. I would also need all machines connected to the internet if I where to do the soundcities performance.

If you have funds you can pay for shipping the touch screen. see Image

These performances use live audio and visual mixes of my work. There are a number of different performances (see below).

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Performance title......Multiplicity....Live CCTV and live networked city sounds

stannza music event and performance 1999


Performance using live CCTV.

The performance mixes a network of cameras in the performance space, with outside CCTV cameras, to make re-contextualising these images and sounds in real time. The result is a real time audio visual performative spectacle. The images gathered are fused with Stanza’s coded audio visual experiments using CCTV systems. Global live cctv cameras will also be mixed in , grabbing these images in real time off the internet. The work incorporates city soundscapes and found sounds that are processed and mixed into a performance. The inside of the space uses wireless cameras so that the public become part of the performative space.

The artwork uses images from the cameras and blends them together to make a collage, a real time image of the city space. Please note as opposed to a recorded process this is a real time experience.

Performed at Dana Centre London 2005 and also as part of Node london in Peckham 2006.

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Performance title......"Soundcities....Live CCTV and live networked city sounds"

Stanza music Performance.


Soundcities performance uses sounds from my website. SOUNDCITIES DATABASE: An online open source database of city sounds from around the world, that can be  listened  to, used in performances on laptops, or played on  mobiles via wireless networks.


The performance mixes a network of CCTV cameras, to   re-contextualize these images and sounds in real time. The  result  is a real time audio visual performative spectacle. The  images  gathered are fused with Stanza’s coded audio visual  experiments  using CCTV systems. Global live cctv cameras are mixed in ,  grabbing these images in real time off the  internet. The work  incorporates city soundscapes and found sounds  that are processed  and mixed into a performance.

Soundcities Installation

Stanza music installtion

Performance title......"The Central City"
stanza music performance 2000

Mixing, 'the central city', applications and websites on three laptops to generate sound control data and image data. Live and dynamic net connections input new images into the mixed visual stream. The visual element comes from the website the central city ( "central city" and "inner city" or from the new "soundmaps" and "visual cities" series. The output sounds are then remixed.

Performance Time: around 40mins

Presented at numerous venues.

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View small video...Mexico...3 mb ...2002

Performance title......"amorphoscapes"

stanza music performance 2000

The digital generative custok coded paintings are projected to at least four projectors connected to touch screens. The sounds are generating and they are fed into custom made software. This is a more ambient and colourful performance. They are digital paintings exposed as a generative and ambient event. The performances can also use four custom made touch screens which enables the audienc to come up and interact in the performance.

Time: around one hour

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Performance title......"subfusion browser wars"

This performance utilises the sounds and images off the web into a real time audio visual collage, a cacophony of generated images. Using at least two computers which must be connected to the internet via a dsl line which is not behind a firewall. Performance time: around 30 mins (

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Performance title......"artitextures"

These are videos made in 1985 and are shown as VJ material....see artitextures

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