Stanza Out Of Breath. Steve Tanza.


Out Of Breath: A-Life Support Machine. 2021

This new artwork by Stanza is an eco visualisation that questions the reality of how we are polluting our cities and our environment. Imagine how trees breathe with their roots planted firmly onto the earth, their branches reaching for the sky. As we increasingly pollute our air with our systems of behaviours, other systems and networks are in a constant battle to stay alive are out of breath. The system creates synchronization of the audiovisual, based on global pollution data. It appears like the tree is breathing in and out with the sounds.

What you experience.

You hear the sound of breathing and see a pulsating red glow all of which is reacting to a generative system of global pollution data. The software uses a custom made API that gathers data from 120 world cities collecting No2. The system is overseen by an AI which uses machine learning to detect patterns to help the tree to breathe. What you experience is a time based audio visual artwork in a tree.

Available for hire and touring.  Suitable for night time events and festivals. The artwork needs to be attached to a tree. Set up time one day. A series of speakers, and LEDS strips are hung in the tree attached with cables ties and connected to a power supply. This new digital artwork by Stanza is the result of a conversation with NTNU who funded the development of this work and is being used in the NIYF research  project.

Credit. Out Of Breath: A-Life Support Machine by Stanza. Commissioned as part of the Nature In Your Face project by Erica Lofstrom NTNU and funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Steve Tanza, Stanza


Nature In Your Face (NiYF) uses eco-visualizations to reconnect humans with the eco-system. At the core of the methodology lies the idea of challenging our current way of doing things by confronting us with nature, or representations thereof, accentuating our dependence on it. By using art inspired, technology supported eco-visualizations that wilfully put us out of our comfort zone, we stimulate creativity, debate and engagement. In order to not only create discomfort and question the current status quo, this confrontative approach is part of a structured three step process that is designed to harvest engagement, and open up for innovation and creativity, and finding new ways of doing things. (from the NIYF project)  




The system uses NO2 data from the Stanza.api which is gathering raw  data from 250 world cities using NO2 data ( which is pollution data) and using a machine learning algorithm which looks for patterns in these data. Using a 12 hour chunk of these data the system converts it into binary. The system runs a Zogo app exe. The software looks at the varying binary patterns;  at the extremes of the peaks and then when it is not moving and this is mapped to the LED system. 


NO2 is a reddish brown gas that is emitted from all combustion engines. There are two main nitrogen based compounds that are emitted from combustion engines: NO2 and nitric oxide (NO). Collectively these two pollutants are referred to as NOx or oxides of nitrogen. Short and long term exposure to NO2 has been linked with an increased risk of respiratory problems. People with asthma, young children and older adults have an increased sensitivity to its effects. The secondary pollutants caused by the presence of NO2 in the atmosphere also have their own adverse effects.



4 Custom PCB boards red.

4 Customs cases.  (IP 67 box RED)

32 LED strips @ 2.5m 32 cable lengths. ( 8  @ 30cm  8 @ 60cm  8 @ 100cm 8 @ 150cm  ) Waterproofed)  80 m of LEDS, 4800 LEDS in total.

Pi and set up. 

32 connectors for leds including waterproof casing.

All cables covered in red coating and sealed.

4 Cables that go from PCB to the MAINS BOX. RED COATED.  2 @ 5  m  2@ 7m.

Main Custom box with special vents. (low voltage) to stand up right. 

Cables to main for controller boxes all coated the red coating sheath.

Meanwell power supplies.  (Everything runs at 48 volts for safety or steps down) Waterproof 

Main feeds connector to the transformer. Ethernet option in. 

Transformer (28 by 13  by 8 cm) to the power.


Amplifier module waterproof speakers. 

Four speakers with  8 metres cables. These will be hung in trees also.


It is 5 metres from a normal mains plug to the main box for the work. Or you need an extension Currently has a Euro Plug. If in the UK change the plug. The main box is a black  AVS box shroud for our kit inside. Galvanised wire is then attached to the tree.  Steel wire guy rope adjustable with clamp and easy to remove. Speakers with 8 metre cables. Attach to tree with swivel brackets and galvanised eye and some metal wire that clips. (for health and safety). There are four PCB boxes. Four cables main cables. Two at 5 metres and two at 7 metre to get to the red PCB which is attached to the tree. Cable tie that arounds. (connector at bottom facing downwards). There are 200 cable ties in the kit. Runs off standard 13 amp and everything runs at 12 volts. 


Steve Tanza, Stanza.


stanza art


Stanza Tree

Trees that the the system would look good in.





Credits artwork by Stanza

(c) Stanza 2021