Stanza. Net ART 2006

Online networked digital art taking images from the internet. The algorithm keep reworking the images over and over in a generative machine like repeating system. Everything is changed and manipulated as the information gets bombarded at the viewer.

Title "Deception Illusion and Fabrication". Enter Artwork Online. 2006

Title "Deception Illusion and Instruction". Enter Artwork Online. 2006

Exhibition: Generative net artworks by Stanza using news based images from around the world. All the artwork In the series can be experienced online. The work is best viewed on a large screen. You need the shockwave plug- in to view them.

Available. Custom made software system and computer files as a piece of online netart

Stanza net art

 net art

Stanza , net art

Deception Illusion and Instruction 120 by 100cm