01. Over a background of the artists DNA from chromosome X. This generative sound sytem allows you to mix the sounds of my dna. An interactive artwork. It allows you to cross reference sounds on the genome sequence and intermix your own mutant variable.The image in 01 is a string from chromosome X.
The use of my dna sounds for 'stirrin' up the future. Mutator allows the sounds to be rearranged and regenerated; a fusion of the emergent code.

02. The artists DNA has been tested and profiled. A sequences of the artists dna code is used for the images and sounds as well as generative code algorithms. This is a self portrait version. It also has a special generative music system built into the piece. The image in 02 is preparing 'speriments' in the lab.

Sound of code, representing code, all written in code. So this is what the artists sounds like. Its a sonification of the artists body.

03. A customised version of mutator, again using The artists DNA profiles but using the code phonetically. This allows a choral re-interpretation of DNA in real time online. The image in 03 is an image of all my chromosomes under a microscope.

Mutants allow you to hear the new mix of chromosomes in real time; on line. This audio work has a special generative music system built into the piece. All sounds have been extracted from Stanza DNA.


Generative DNA audio systems for the internet. DNA music.

Mutants are available for performance and concerts.


[ 2000-2003]

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