"Horizontal, Non Linear Wandering Inside The Panoptican"

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  Stanza networked data art

Software based artworks by Stanza exploring light and shade using real time camera systems. These work are affected by daylight hours, the seasons throughout year. They are aesthetic moodscapes derived from the natural landscape. They are not videos but real time digital paintings using real time data; processing light from CCTV cameras to create visualisations of the evolving environment. Its also worth noting if you see lots of black it might be night time, this Stanza artwork is set in London and the clock is Greenwich Mean Time. Made using software created by the artist.



Each work is to be shown on a series three projectors or large plasma screens, dimensions can vary. Available on request for exhibitions.

This artwork works in a real time and has been online from 5.5.2005. (Shockwave is needed to view the artwork in real time)


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Made (2005)

Made using customsoftware in real time. Canvases are also available from this series