Lifeforms 2006

The "lifeforms" are a series of generated software artworks, based on the artists sampled and sequenced DNA profile. This work is a DNA portrait. Stanza DNA was sequenced in 2003. In 2006 I made some slight changes to the generative sustem and incorporated my DNA sequences. The audio is playing along sequences of my DNA string.

An art science project. This is a series of audio/visual artworks inspired by the human genome sequence, and developed using DNA profiles sequenced from the artist's blood. The artworks are investigations into genetic codes as they are mapped and reassembled. The series enables a cross reference of all the code on the genome sequence, mixed into new audio/visual portraits of the artist. If you would like to commission your own DNA portrait please contact me.

INSTALLATION: To be projected on the walls in a gallery. Also available for touch screens; if you would like to exhibit these artworks please get in touch.

EXHIBITION. Double Helix Staircase, The Old School Board, Leeds. 2007


Each is available as unique signed artwork, consisting of disk and computer files.

KEYWORDS: net art , generative, installation , dna, system, digital art.


You need the shockwave plug in installed to see them online

Lifeforms. DNA 1

Lifeforms. DNA 2

Lifeforms. DNA 3

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stanza_dna_lifeforms stanza_dna_lifeforms10 stanza_dna_lifeforms11
stanza_dna_lifeforms12 stanza_dna_lifeforms13 stanza_dna_lifeforms14
stanza_dna_lifeforms15 stanza_dna_lifeforms16 stanza_dna_lifeforms2
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