Numbers: 2001

Audio visual relationships between art and science......maybe numbers.......2001. The Numbers system series is based on the sequence 3, 6 and 9 and evoloves into a random pattern generator that is position controlled and moves when you move. A labyrinth of lines, tones and numbers. Treat the surface of the screen like a canvas for drawing on. The artwork is made with custom made code exploring processed events that create what you see and experience. Various areas are interactive and mouse down events change the images and experience. The work comprises of a series of functions with a sound function built in


You need the shockwave plug-in installed to view the artwork to enjoy this artwork. The work is best viewed on large screen. To be exhbited on touch screen.


In editon of three custom made net art computer files

enter the numbers artwork:

stanza numbers stanza numbers
stanza numbers stanza numbers


Video of the Numbers artwork 2001

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