Stanza DNA artwork clock


We Think We Understand Our Behaviours. 2003 By Stanza


An artwork The artworks remediates my DNA source code (the dna string of letters ATCGETC) into a noise flow lasting one hundred and seven years at one second per letter of my 3.3 billion letters of my DNA. Its been online and running since 2003 and it will take 107 years to run through the sequence of my DNA code. This was the first clock version counting down through the billions of letters at one letter per second and is part of the online award winning net art project a project about open sourceing my DNA code as a data archive.

The voices are mother and daughter reading along the sequence.

To be exhibited on a large plasma screen.

The artwork is available in an edition of 3. Custom made software system and computer files. Technical. You need shockwave installed.

Keywords. Generative, net art, networked, database, artwork, installation.


Test Portal Gallery Amsterdam Holland 2009
Novosibirsk Exhibition. State Museum, Siberia.2007
Dana Centre. London 2006.Code by Zero01 Canada.2005
Jerwood Space, Cut and Splice. London. 2005
Scope Art Fair UK 2004
Samsung Media Centre Korea 2004
Futuresonic 04 UK 2004
Soundtoys at ICA London
Jerwood Space, Cut and Splice. London. 2005
EvoMUSART 4th Hungary 2005
Haifa Museum, Israel 2004