Authenticity: In The Age Of Infobesity. 2004.

This artwork is about using the everyday experience and making an aesthetic object with this real time data. In this case a series of generative paintings are made with what is essentially data which is ''owned" by someone else. By aestheticising the images this space now becomes my space. My aim is to reclaim control of the Public Domain by remediating content online. The artwork resides online where the mode of production is in real time, where all the images and data are sourced from various parts of the city and brought to this one location is exploited in this artwork. What you see on the screen will never be repeated again; the work continues to evolve throughout the day, everyday.

This artwork is networked "painting" experience, viewable online from 2004 until now. What you see are images from 750 London surveilance cameras, some places you can recognize some you cannot they are all fused into this real time screen based artwork. This online work is to be viewed in an art gallery as a triptych of large projected screens inside and outside the gallery. Artwork By Stanza.

All the images are live London CCTV cameras. These images are all made and taken from police CCTV cameras which monitor the city of London. The cameras monitor people, traffic and suspicious activity. These cameras have sophisticated software built into them and when working can catch acts of crime as well as just record and monitor the city. Unlike the artwork "Public Domain" where Stanza gave cameras away to members of the public in this artwork Stanza is using available networks to source the content. The images are often leased to other vendors such as TV and various networks. The screen shot gallery has screen shots of the artworks Authenticity which captures random images from any of hundreds of cameras in London.


Stanza artwork aurveillance , city , machine

It now available as a piece of software for exhibition purposes and can be shown on a series of screen like above.

View The Digital Artwork Online Click Here (you need shockwave installed)

Availability. Custom made computer code and computer files

Keywords: networked, installation, CCTV, map, city, urban, net art, painting, net art